Enhanced Tag Functionality Offers Greater Control for Brainshark Administrators

February 24, 2014 | Kristin Simonini
Enhanced Tag Functionality Offers Greater Control for Brainshark Administrators

As a Brainshark author, you know that you have the option to tag your presentations to help categorize them. 

This does several great things. 

First, those tags are searchable via text search, so if a viewer’s query includes a word or phrase  that is also a tag, presentations that have that specific tag will be returned in the search results.  Second, tags are available as a filter in the new Content Portal, making it easy for viewers to narrow down results to find just the right titles they need.

The difference between Tags and Topics has always been that tags are completely free form and authors can create them ad hoc.  This can be great, but also removes some level of control from the Company Administrator. 

Now, Administrators will find a new feature called Edit Tags where they will have the option to see the list of tags in use by their company as well as how many presentations use a given tag.  Further, they can opt to edit the name of a tag or even delete it entirely.  Administrators can also add tags from this view, which authors will then see when they attempt to add a tag with the same name.


Any questions?  Please do not hesitate to contact support for help with this or other product functionality.


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