10 Insightful Quotes on the Power of Social Selling

10 Insightful Quotes on the Power of Social Selling
January 2, 2014

10-social-selling-quotesThere’s no denying that social media has become a very hot topic in the B2B sales space, and the potential opportunities involved have gotten a lot of people talking.

In fact, I feel like I hear or come across questions related to social selling just about every week.

How exactly should salespeople use social media? Is Facebook a good option? Can you explain to me what a tweet is? (No, I didn’t make that last one up.)

Of course, before you can deal with the “what” and the “how”, you first have to understand the “why.” With that in mind, here are 10 great quotes from around the web on the value of social selling for B2Bs, and why the time to embrace it is now.

#1. “Sellers who've embraced social media are creating new opportunities that totally bypass traditional sales channels… It's about good selling – using all the tools that are available to you today.” – Jill Konrath (@jillkonrath), The Rise of Social Selling

#2. “Social media channels offer the opportunity to build relationships with a limitless amount of possibilities globally. The best part is that most of these channels are free to join or create accounts. Through these social media channels, your sales organization has the ability to access unlimited information, prospects, and alliances or channel partnerships.” – Jonathan Catley (@jonathancatley), Time to Turn Your Sales Team Social?

#3. “Selling through social channels (social selling) is the closest thing to being a fly on the wall in your customers, prospects and competitor’s world.” – Jim Keenan (@keenan), The Rise of Social Salespeople

#4. “Listening on social media can be extremely valuable for sales people. By monitoring keywords relating to the brand and industry, sales people can uncover valuable insights about the industry and prospective customers.” – Amy Hall (@amynhall), 3 Rules of Engagement for Successful Social Selling

#5. “Social is not a place for a hard sell – it's a place to build trust and credibility. Work the intelligence in to your formal sales process and messaging while staying top of mind by continuing to interact on a personal level over social media.” – Julio Viskovich (@JulioVisko), Social Selling: How to Find Buying Signals on Social Media

#6. “Smart sellers understand that social channels are ideal outlets for building credibility in their industries. They can share articles relevant to their solution, join special interest groups, and attract followers and connections through that process. In the old days, sellers would bring their Rolodex from company to company—now they bring their LinkedIn network.” – Rob Bois (@robbois), Social Selling 2.0: Big Data Just in Time

#7. “The two biggest wins in social selling this year ($70 million and $47 million) came directly from LinkedIn groups. Think about it. Where else can you find your customers, prospects, partners, suppliers, competitors and thought leaders talking about key topics and trends in your industry? If you’re not using LinkedIn groups, you’re missing out.” – Jeff Simmons (@B2BJeff), Social Selling with LinkedIn Groups: 14 Do’s and Don’ts

#8. “Social selling is a shared effort between the sales and marketing teams. Ideally, marketing produces the messaging and sales utilizes their networks to deliver the content to potential buyers.” – Lindsay Kolowich (@lkolo25), How Marketing Can Help with Social Selling

#9. “With some focused prospecting activity, the results may be quicker than you think. As you develop your network, share worthwhile and valuable content, be memorable and respond to contact and engagement opportunities, results will develop over time.” – Mark Stonham (@markjstonham), Sales Productivity and Social Selling – 10 Tips to Increase your ROI

#10. “The reasons why executives are scared of social selling are well documented. That being said, there are some hugely successful global business leaders using social selling tactics incredibly well – some of which even admit they could not operate without it!” – Bruce Rasmussen (@bruceras), Social Selling – The Jury is In!

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