The Brainshark Analytics Dashboard – Bring Your Viewing Data to Life!

January 21, 2014 | Alex Salop
The Brainshark Analytics Dashboard – Bring Your Viewing Data to Life!

You hear the term ‘big data’ used a lot these days, typically describing the large volumes of information that organizations can use to make important decisions. There was no such term when we released the first Brainshark product in 2000, but we’ve always provided our customers with detailed reporting to help drive increased engagement with their communications and capitalize on individual opportunities.

With that history in mind, we’re proud to announce the Brainshark Analytics Dashboard, the latest way to use rich, actionable viewing information to make better, more informed decisions.  Available to all new and existing customers, the Analytics Dashboard provides Brainshark users with real-time-graphical insights into the effectiveness of their content, how it’s viewed, and even how it’s used by their peers – all on a single screen! 

This in-depth view of presentation activity provides benefits across the organization:

  • Sales reps or other authors can see how their presentations perform overall, identifying key metrics like number of views and audience retention.  They can then drill down  by specific timeframes or presentations to gain insight into a more refined segment of activity; they can even look at slide-by-slide details from individual views of their presentations.  Armed with this information, reps can focus on their best content and prioritize follow up, leading to increased productivity and more deals.

  • Managers can see the whole team’s activities, identifying the content shared by each team member to promote best practices for all employees, increase productivity, and drive more revenue.

  • Marketing contributors can see key metrics about the effectiveness of their content, comparing presentations to identify best practices for improved results, and ensuring wider organizational adoption as a result

  • Human Resource managers can determine the level of engagement with internal communications such as open enrollment, executive announcements, etc., to ensure that important messages reach their intended audiences.

  • Brainshark administrators can evaluate activity across the organization to identify potential improvements to the value they receive from their Brainshark license.

To find out more, watch the short Brainshark presentation below.  We’ll also be offering two Customer Power Hour  sessions coming up on January 28th and 30th, where Brainshark subject matter experts will provide more details and answer your questions.

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