Animation Tips: 4 Ideas for Better PowerPoint Presentations

Animation Tips: 4 Ideas for Better PowerPoint Presentations
January 27, 2014

When designing PowerPoint presentations for business, it’s important to strike the right aesthetic balance – you want your slides to be eye-catching and engaging, while still retaining a professional tone. This may seem like a steep challenge, but with the right resources, you can easily create a PowerPoint presentation that captivates your audience, but doesn't detract from your message.

Here are a few simple guidelines to help you design a compelling presentation:

#1. Transform static text
It’s always a good idea to minimize the amount of text that you use on your PowerPoint slides to keep the audience focused on your message instead of on reading your slides.  Rather than blocks of text or long sentences, stick to a few important keywords that help illustrate your point, and use a simple animations to bring the text into your slide.

You can animation text line by line, or all together depending on what best suits your message.  This will call your audience’s attention to the text at just the right moment and help emphasize its importance.  

#2. Embrace subtlety for professional presentations
When working to create more engaging presentations, it can be easy to gravitate toward some of the more dramatic animations. For professional presentations, however, subtle animations can go a long way. As you select animations, opt for those in the Moderate and Subtle categories, and take advantage of the duration settings to manipulate the speed that they enter the slide.  Also, get familiar with exit animations to keep your slides uncluttered throughout your presentation so your audience knows what to focus on at each moment.   

#3. Incorporate a screen capture demonstration
Often a presentation can benefit from a short demonstration. With the help of PowerPoint animations, you can easily build a screen capture demonstration right into the flow of your presentation. Learn how to create your own in the tutorial below:


#4. Save time with PowerPoint animation templates
If you aren't as familiar with PowerPoint animations as you would like, or if you simply don’t have time to build your own, PowerPoint animation templates are a great option. We put together three volumes of ready-to-use animation templates that you can download for free and incorporate into your presentations.

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