Which Social Video Trends Will Keep Growing in 2014?

Which Social Video Trends Will Keep Growing in 2014?
January 3, 2014

social-video-trends-2014Video marketing is hot these days. Social media marketing? That’s pretty darn hot too.

So it’s only natural that the two would come together – and boy have they. As  Unruly’s Phil Townend writes, 2013 was a huge year for social video, with new trends popping up all across the marketing landscape. It’s not just high-budget ads anymore either; investments in content marketing have opened up a whole world of opportunities for today’s business.

 So which of these trends will continue to be hot in 2014?

In my own humble opinion, here are the three to keep an eye on.

#1. Mobile video engagement

“2013 is the year that saw mobile engagement rates explode,” writes Townend, citing that click-through rates for Unruly’s own campaigns more than tripled with smartphones and tablets this past year. The obvious reason is that mobile devices have become the primary computing options for more people than ever. But beyond that, I also agree with Townend’ assessment that people are generally more engaged with mobile content than they are with, say, television ads.

From a video standpoint, this represents a great opportunity that will no doubt continue to expand over the course of 2014 and beyond. In fact, Clickz estimated that we’d see over 73 million mobile video viewers by the end of 2013, highlighting the importance for more brands to invest in mobile-ready video content.

#2. On-demand video in real time

In regards to speed of content and social media, Townend makes the following point: “With marketers increasingly expected to create content on the fly, responding in real time to new data, surging trends, current news events and consumer feedback, we have seen brands almost become newsrooms in their own right, increasingly interested in discovering trending content they can share with their social followers.”

The goal for brands to respond to trending topics quickly is a tactic that I expect to see a lot more of going forward. The cool part is that this no longer just involves blog posts and tweets, as the speed of online video creation is catching up in a hurry. As we’ve seen over the past year-plus, companies will continue to look for ways to generate more video content FASTER, in an effort to not only to keep up with “the speed of social”, but do so in a more impactful, engaging way.

#3. Rise of short-form video content

Speaking of turning around content quickly…

While it may not be everyone’s favorite form of video marketing, you can’t talk about social video trends without mentioning the explosion of short-form content that hit the web this past year, particularly via Vine and Instagram Video. As Townend points out, “The arrival of short-form content platforms… presents brands with an excellent opportunity to create and distribute video in real-time, without the production lead-in times and expenses usually associated with longer form video content.”

These platforms have a lot of momentum going into 2014, and while the marketing opportunities here remain a little fuzzy, some brands have already done some cool things in very little time (for example, from a B2C standpoint, Lowe’s definitely embraced this trend with open arms). I can’t predict where marketers will take this form of video content in the year ahead, but it will certainly be interesting to watch. 

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