The Rise of Interactive Video and How Marketers Can Capitalize

The Rise of Interactive Video and How Marketers Can Capitalize
January 8, 2014

the-rise-of-interactive-video-and-how-marketers-can-capitalize The New Year is already off and running and marketers everywhere are working to capitalize on the latest trends to get a jump on the competition. A recent article from Social Media Examiner highlights interactive video as one of the top social media marketing predictions to watch in 2014. 

With prospects now completing more and more of the buying process on their own before even speaking with a sales rep, the landscape is primed for interactive video to shape how potential customers engage with your brand.

But buyers aren’t the only ones who can benefit from interactive video. Let’s take a closer look at a few ways interactive video content can provide customers with the dynamic, on-demand buying experience they’re looking for, while at the same time giving marketers the accurate, actionable data they need.

Let the customer lead the way  

Interactive video is a perfect opportunity to provide customers with a dynamic experience when learning about your products and your brand. By enabling them to shape the way they consume your marketing content, you can offer a more customized and personal interaction with your brand and ultimately get them to the information that’s most relevant to them faster. 

Providing video viewers with opportunities to make selections based on their interests is an effective way to track them toward the most relevant resources.  For instance, begin the video with a brief introduction to your brand, then insert an interactive element prompting the viewer to select the product they would like to learn more about. 

Based on their selection, you could them branch them to the segment of your video that keys in on that product, or perhaps branch them to another video entirely if their selection indicates that this would be best, or even send them directly to a section of your website where they could begin a free trial.  

Learn more about your audience

By giving customers a chance to shape how they engage with your brand, marketers can open up opportunities to collect more accurate data about potential buyers.  As viewers interact with the video, marketers can use their responses to accumulate information about audience interests, enabling them to follow-up with more relevant content going forward, and potentially even help inform the selling process.

For example, rather than asking viewers to provide a bunch of information before they even have a chance to watch your video, try mixing in some questions at key points in your video. For instance, ask viewers to respond to a survey question regarding their top business challenges to collect information that will help marketers begin pulling together relevant content that could help the buyer address this challenge.  

This information can also help your sales team begin to identify ways that your solutions can alleviate specific challenges the prospect is facing so they can serve as a more informed resource in the selling process.     

Engage via mobile

If you’re striving to create an interactive marketing experience, don’t tie potential customers to their desks to engage with your content. With 49% of smartphone owners reporting that they watched at least one product video on their mobile devices during a three month period, it’s clear that interactive video content must cater to the mobile audience.

This means not only creating a video that’s optimized for viewing on a smaller screen, but also ensuring that opportunities to interact with the video are mobile-ready as well.  The last thing you want is to annoy prospective customers with mobile content limitations. The take away: make sure your video plays on any device!

Whether you’re designing a video for an email communication, social media campaign, or for your website, consider adding an interactive element in 2014. Empower consumers with a customized brand experience, and you may be surprised by the valuable data you can amass.       

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