Brainshark Player Customization: Your Player^* Your Way

July 28, 2014 | Kathy Doherty
Brainshark Player Customization: Your Player^* Your Way

When it comes to enabling you to customize your Brainshark experience, we’re continuing to pull out all the stops. 

Recently we launched our advanced content portal customization feature that enables you to have your portal your way. It’s easy  and it’s free.

If you’re familiar with portal customization and if customizing your Brainshark experience is something you’d like to explore further, then keep reading. 

There are already numerous ways to customize the Brainshark player, as this December blog post explains. And now, Brainshark has extended your ability to customize by enabling you to choose custom themes for your presentation player!

We offer three custom player themes that can be accessed in the administrative application: classic, light, and dark. The three player themes use neutral palettes that visually recede, letting your content become the focus of the visual field.

You can learn more about the player themes and how to apply them by viewing this short presentation.

But why stop there? Here’s where Brainshark amps up customization. 

Now you have the ability to create your own custom player themes (i.e. have your player your way). Using colors from your corporate palette, you can create a custom player theme that enhances your content and increases the power of your message.  What makes this Brainshark innovation even more exciting is the fact that you can create multiple custom player themes. 

Perhaps you have an upcoming sales meeting and the event has a red and black color theme. You can now apply a custom red/black player theme to those Sales meeting presentations.  Perhaps the HR department has a series of onboarding presentations to be launched and viewed in a short timeframe. Simply apply a custom theme containing colors that visually enhance the message of urgency.

Modifying your Brainshark presentation player and creating new custom themes is easy and free.  If you’d like to learn more about taking control of how your content is delivered and customizing the Brainshark player, take a few minutes to view the video presentation below:

If you’re ready to explore Brainshark custom player themes, try our Custom Player Theme generator. You can experiment by entering hexadecimal values into the fields. Click the “Apply” button to preview how your new custom theme will look. When you are satisfied with your color choices, click the “Submit Theme” button and your request will be fulfilled in 5 business days.

Let us help you amp up your content!  You can create your new themes today by filling out this form.

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