Customizing your Brainshark Content Portal: Have It Your Way

July 10, 2014 | Kathy Doherty
Customizing your Brainshark Content Portal: Have It Your Way

Remember the 1974 Burger King ad campaign promoting the “Have it your way” approach to getting a hamburger just the way you wanted it? If not, then know that there was a time when all burgers were the same burger: a plop of ketchup and mustard, two pickles and a bun. No variation, no unique user experience. Your burger, my burger, they were all the same burger.  

Figure 1: Whose portal is this anyway?

Now, think back to your original Brainshark Content Portal experience. Blue, white, gray.  Very clean, enabling the content to do the talking, but no ability to match your branding guidelines.  Your portal and my portal looked the same.

Customization options were available through Brainshark Professional Services, of course, and they still are for those looking for a highly customized experience.  However, if you just wanted to adjust language and modify colors, it did not always make sense to engage in a custom project.

All that has changed. Now you can have your portal your way more easily than ever before.

Figure 2: Ah, that’s better!

The factors that traditionally prevented a Brainshark client from updating the look of a Brainshark Content Portal have been removed. Your Brainshark content and learning portal can now be easily updated to reflect your company’s corporate branding. Your portal, your way.

Did I mention that color changes and label modifications can be made at NO cost to customers who have purchased one of Brainshark’s cloud solutions?

Take a few minutes to watch this short Brainshark presentation below for more details on how you can brand your Brainshark Content Portal. It includes several examples that illustrate how the changes you make can impact your portal and your content.

Like the idea of customizing your portal but need more options?  Reach out to your Account Manager to learn how the Brainshark Professional Services team can create the content delivery experience of your dreams.

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