3 Super-Obvious Reasons Why eLearning Makes Sense for Sales Training

3 Super-Obvious Reasons Why eLearning Makes Sense for Sales Training
July 8, 2014

Is there a really GOOD reason to make eLearning a larger part of your sales training strategy? Actually, there are several.

In a recent article from eLearning services company Sponge UK, Kate Pasterfield offers several reasons why your sales staff need eLearning. While the article spends a fair bit of time going over the benefits of online training in general, the main focus is all about what it means for sales specifically.

With that in mind, here are three highlights from Kate’s article that should be obvious to anyone responsible for training and ramping up sales teams.

#1. eLearning is FLEXIBLE

What Kate says: “Remember that your sales team is very busy and training requirements must be able to be slotted in amongst your sales teams other commitments. Consider perhaps that your staff may approach learning tasks in-between sales calls, first thing in the morning, or perhaps after they wrap up their calls at the end of the day.”

My take: This is a no-brainer. We’ve written many times before that sales reps are notorious just-in-time learners, meaning they tend not to look for information until they absolutely need it. eLearning content makes it easy for reps to access that info on-demand without disrupting their workflow (i.e. it keeps them doing what they do best).

#2. eLearning is FAST

What Kate says: “Students on an elearning platform have a 60% faster learning curve, which supports the idea that it allows a more flexible platform. This means that employees can work through the material as they see it and retain more information.”

My take: This one is closely related to the first reason above, but it’s no less relevant. When it comes to sales, time is quite literally money. If allowing reps to review (and re-view) training content at their convenience can speed up consumption and comprehension, then that also leads to less time training, and more time selling.

#3. eLearning is MOBILE

What Kate says: “One study found that 70% of students had increased motivation to work on their training when they were able to do it on mobile devices. Your employees are already using their smart devices to access content… Meet them on the devices that they already know and love and you’ll find a marked increase in user engagement.”

My take: You don’t need me to tell you that salespeople basically live and die by their mobile devices. Smartphones have been the norm since the first days of the BlackBerry, and tablets have quickly become the ideal B2B selling tool. It only make sense that mobile training content would be the perfect way to reach today’s reps.

Isn’t it obvious?

While live and in-person training will always be an integral part of B2B sales training, combining face-to-face interactions with on-demand eLearning can be a major boon to sales productivity. The three reasons listed above should be obvious to anyone, but there are many other ways eLearning makes sense for sales teams.

For more information, check out the full article from Sponge UK, download our free Sales Training eBook, and visit our Sales Training page to learn how Brainshark can help make your teams more productive.

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