Import eLearning Content to Brainshark via SCORM!

Import eLearning Content to Brainshark via SCORM!
June 19, 2014

June has brought with it a host of new Brainshark updates, including significant enhancements for formal eLearning, portal theme options, integration, and more! Let’s take a closer look at what’s new.

SCORM Import

Brainshark presentations have been SCORM-compliant for use in third-party learning management systems for a long time. Now we’re taking SCORM one step further.

As of our June 14 release, Brainshark Cloud solution customers who use Brainshark Rapid Learning can also import eLearning content via SCORM! This means you can now use Brainshark-powered eLearning presentations along with SCORM-compliant content from third parties in your Rapid Learning courses and curriculums.

This new functionality enhances Brainshark’s value for sales training and performance, providing a comprehensive solution to reach your audience anytime, anywhere with the content that best suits the skills of your eLearning authors and the needs of your learners.

Custom Content Portal Themes

Many of our customers have requested the ability to modify the Content Portal to be more in line with their organizational image – using colors and fonts consistent with their corporate branding, for example.  With this release, you can now make these changes easily just by getting in touch with us.  Custom Content Portal themes are available for all Brainshark Content Portal customers at no charge.

Portal elements that can be changed include:

  • Colors for backgrounds, images and navigation elements

  • Font colors, sizes and emphasis

  • Icon sizes, colors and states (active, hover, focus)

Brainshark Rapid Learning/ Data Synchronization

Brainshark Customers who use the Connector for have long been able to provide Brainshark-powered formal eLearning to their reps right within the CRM, delivering courses and curriculums that are customized for each learner. Starting with this release, Connector users can also access course and curriculum data within Salesforce to integrate into their reports and dashboards.

Since is the hub of many companies’ sales activity, the ability to see formal eLearning completion data – along with the other metrics typically used to evaluate sales performance – gives them a more comprehensive view of the key metrics that drive their business.

Other updates in Brainshark’s latest release include:

  • The ability for Brainshark administrators to disable tags for use in their Brainshark sites.

  • Updated Embed, Share and Email Author modals to reflect the new look and feel of other Brainshark assets.

  • All customers with the “Unhooked” feature can download presentations as MP4s from the player (for mobile-player enabled presentations). In the past, Flash was the only option.

  • Customers can now modify the sender, subject and email body of the “New user” email that is sent when users are added.  

For more information about any of these new features, please contact us at