Where in the World is…Your Brainshark Being Viewed? Analyzing Global Viewing Trends with the Analytics Dashboard

March 24, 2014 | Irwin Hipsman
Where in the World is…Your Brainshark Being Viewed? Analyzing Global Viewing Trends with the Analytics Dashboard

Have you ever wondered what percentage of your Brainshark views originate internationally? Across all customers, approximately 27% of views in 2013 took place outside of the United States, which is 9 percentage points higher than in 2011 (see the map below for leading countries).


With our new Analytics Dashboard, there are a number of ways to measure your international views. Let’s take a closer look.

Geolocation Overview

All Brainshark authors and administrators have access to the recently released Analytics Dashboard. Authors can see viewing data points across all presentations they created, and administrators can report on geographic views for all presentations within their company’s Brainshark portal.

One feature of the Analytics Dashboards is the Geolocation overview which highlights data on views by country.  Once you’re in the Analytics Dashboard, just run your mouse over each country to learn how many views of your presentations originated from that country during the date range you selected. If you drill down and select the United States, a map of the 50 states will appear and you can run your mouse over each state to determine the number of views.


Take a deeper dive into the data

If you want to take geo-reporting to the next level, more in-depth viewing data is available in the Advanced Reports library. These reports will enable you to analyze views by a single presentation or  multiple presentations by folder. Additional geographic data points available within the Advanced Reports library include:

  • IP Address

  • IP City

  • IP Region/State

  • IP Country

To learn how to add these data points to your reports watch this tutorial.


For more details on how the Brainshark Analytics Dashboard can provide insight into how your presentations are being viewed, check out this blog post

Learn More About the Analytics Dashboard

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