SlideShark Anywhere: Presenting from a Computer or Windows 8 Tablet

March 17, 2014 | David Klein
SlideShark Anywhere: Presenting from a Computer or Windows 8 Tablet

Today, we’re incredibly excited to announce one of the most significant additions to SlideShark since its inception in 2011. With SlideShark Anywhere, Team Edition users can now present and broadcast their content from a PC/Mac computer or Windows 8 tablet via web browser.

Presenters have the choice of presenting their approved decks from either their mobile device (iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch) or now their computer or Windows 8 tablet, as all of their SlideShark content is easily accessible from the same Team Edition account. This squarely addresses the need for a centralized presentation management, distribution and tracking solution for organizations with teams using different or multiple devices rather than just iOS devices.

Here is an overview of the feature and the experience.


SlideShark Anywhere is web-based, so Team Edition users can now access it directly from their content catalog on

SlideShark Anywhere

The first screen you see is optimized for a Broadcast session.  But let’s dive into that one later. First, let’s start with showing a presentation in full screen mode.

The most important thing to remember when you’re projecting from your computer or Windows 8 tablet is that unlike using the iPad/iPhone app, your audience will see whatever you see on the screen – the projector simply mirrors your browser.  This means that if you see your presentation catalog, slide notes, or anything else on your screen, your audience will see it too. (Note: This is different for remote broadcasting attendees – again, I’ll talk about this next.)

So you’ve clicked the full-screen icon and can now show your slides to people in the room.  Use your keyboard arrows or mouse to navigate your content – very similar to a PowerPoint experience.  Arrow up to show the slide tray and skip to a later slide – very similar to the SlideShark iOS experience.    


Since we first introduced SlideShark Broadcasting (for showing your slides over the web), the community has embraced it, delivering thousands of online meetings. This is an essential feature for the live presenter to better engage remote audience members or in-person attendees as well.

Just like broadcasting from your iOS device, your audience will only see your slides during the broadcast regardless of what is appearing on your computer or tablet screen.

Many of the elements available in the iOS app have been brought over to SlideShark Anywhere as well:

  • Slide notes

  • Slide thumbnails

  • Broadcast management

    • Invite attendees to your broadcast

    • Create & update meeting specifics:

      • Subject

      • Security code

      • Meeting info

  • Customize your Broadcast URL

  • Display the attendee list & count

  • New attendee alert

  • Full screen

  • End of Broadcast report

SlideShark Anywhere

Support and Important Notes

SlideShark Anywhere is supported on the following browsers:

  • IE 8, 9, 10, 11

  • Chrome

  • Firefox

  • Mac Safari

Please note that this release of SlideShark Anywhere does NOT include support for any Android browsers. And since this feature is web-based, you DO need to be connected to the internet to use it.

Also, only Windows 8 tablets with FULL VERSION Windows 8 are supported. For example, the Windows Surface RT tablet is NOT supported as it runs a limited version of the full Windows 8 OS.

Lastly, exiting the full screen mode is done either by tapping the escape key (on your physical keyboard and most onscreen keyboard) or else will require the user to refresh their page if no escape key is present.

Individual User?

While SlideShark Anywhere is a Team Edition only feature, anyone can give it a spin in our FREE 30-day trial!

We hope that you enjoy this new feature as much as we do.

As always, if you find issues or have questions, get in touch with our Support Team directly. They’re always ready to help. And as always, if you’re pumped about SlideShark and you have a chance to post review to the AppStore, we would greatly appreciate it.



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