Brainshark for Accelerating Sales Performance

March 12, 2014 | Alex Salop
Brainshark for Accelerating Sales Performance

How can Salesforce’s get even better?  Add Brainshark, of course!, the leading sales performance management application from, helps people advance their careers, teams achieve their goals faster, and companies retain their top performers.  Brainshark integrates easy-to-access video content and powerful analytics to turbo-charge productivity.


Using Brainshark for turns the Chatter profile into a one-stop shop for onboarding, continuous learning, prospecting and sales performance analytics.   Reps using Brainshark for can:

  • See what they need to learn showing all the Brainshark video-based courses and curriculums they need to complete as well as optional open enrollment  courses, helping to streamline and accelerate onboarding.

  • View important company information – providing easy access to video communications from subject-matter experts, executives or sales management.

  • See how their content is doing – providing visual cues to identify the effectiveness of each rep’s prospecting efforts, and highlighting individual presentation views to maintain focus on the hottest prospects and most effective presentations.

  • Make a talking business card – enabling users to create short Brainshark presentations that highlight their experience, skills and expertise.  It’s a great way for reps to find subject-matter experts and use them more effectively.

  • Click to create presentations – so that authorized users can enter the Brainshark authoring environment with a single mouse-click.

Brainshark for is available in two offerings: Brainshark Learning for, which addresses sales training and onboarding needs, and Brainshark Enterprise for, which includes the same training and onboarding functionality plus external prospecting and social selling.

You can find out more about Brainshark for by watching the short video below, or visiting this web page.

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