Brainshark Presentation Utilization Factoids – 2014

Brainshark Presentation Utilization Factoids – 2014
March 7, 2014

brainshark-presentation-utilization-factoidsOne of the roles of the Brainshark Customer Community team is to look at how customers are using Brainshark and to provide benchmarking reference points for their next series of presentations. We just finished an analysis of presentations created by customers and several factoids jumped out at us.

We will be discussing these and many other things at upcoming User Group Meetings and Workshops.  In the meantime, we’ve pulled together a few data points to share with you here.

1. Presentation Length

The most popular length for a Brainshark presentation is  0-4 minutes (30%), followed by 4-8 minutes (21%) and then 8-12 minutes (13%). The shorter presentations tend to be for marketing and the longer tend to be learning. 

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2. Audio per Slide

The average slide has 40 seconds of audio. We suggest keeping slide audio length to 30 seconds per slide. This keeps the presentation moving and makes it easy for presentation authors to re-record when needed.

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3. Use of Video

Of all presentations created in the past year, 30% included an uploaded video clip, and the average video is 4 minutes long.

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4. PowerPoint Animations

PowerPoint animations are a popular component of many Brainsharks, with 70% of all presentations including  animations (please note not all presentations have a PPT). 

Download our  popular animation templates and check out our live online animations training.

5. Audio Recording Method

Of all presentations with audio, about the same number were recorded using a microphone as were recorded using our telephone recording system. While a microphone improves audio quality, the telephone recording option is ubiquitous.

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6. Chapter Titles

If a presentation has more than 14 slides, we recommend adding Chapter Titles in the Table of Contents. About 20% of presentations with more than 14 slides take advantage of this feature.

Check out these steps for making the most of slide and chapter titles.  

7. Personalization

The personalization feature is most popular among technology companies, with 23% of presentations utilizing the feature. 

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8. Most Popular Features

The top 5 most popular Brainshark features are attachments, guestbook, uploaded video, completion criteria and questions.

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9. Retention

On average, viewers watch 50-75% of a presentation per viewing.  Many variables impact retention, including viewers who prefer to watch a presentation in shorter segments across multiple viewings.  Additionally, formal training courses, which are launched through Brainshark Rapid Learning or a third-party Learning Management System, have higher retention than presentations that don’t require log-in.

Check out the Brainshark Analytics Dashboard to track retention and other viewing behavior.

10. Mobile Views

On weekends, a viewer is 3x more likely to see a presentation on a mobile device than a computer.

See how to run a mobile viewing report and check out our best practices for creating mobile presentations.

11. Views by Geography

In 2013, twice as many countries (24) generated over 100,000 international views than in 2012.

Read about how the new Analytics Dashboard can help you measure global views. 

For more information on Brainshark features and how to make the most of them in your presentations, check out our Help & Training Portal and visit our Brainshark On-Demand features page.

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