New Tools and Resources for Building Better Brainshark Presentations

March 20, 2014 | Irwin Hipsman
New Tools and Resources for Building Better Brainshark Presentations

In late February, the Brainshark Customer Community Team visited our customers and prospects in the United Kingdom and Europe. It is great to get out on the road and hear from people about how they’re using SlideShark and Brainshark On-Demand.  While in Europe, we participated in events hosted by BrightCarbon and LeadFabric, and held private user group meetings with various customers.

During our time in London, we had the opportunity to meet with the folks from a pretty cool startup called SketchDeck. Basically, for a few dollars per slide, they will take your ideas/slides and within 24 hours convert them into very appealing PowerPoint slides.  Combine that with Stocksy, another recent addition to our third-party tools list, and you have some powerful resources to take your presentations to the next level. Stocksy is a cooperative of photographers that offers professional photos you can license for $10 per image.

To introduce you to these and other tools, we’re hosting a Customer Power Hour on April 15 at noon (ET) that will focus on how to use these valuable tools and resources.

In addition, we will premiere a new series of PowerPoint Animation Templates (Volume 4 will be our best yet!) as well as royalty-free music you can use in your presentations.  Participating providers in the Power Hour are: 


Register here to join the Power Hour – we look forward to having you all tune in on the 15th!

Register for the Power Hour

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