How to Keep Repetitive Presentations Fresh

May 21, 2014 | Marit Fratelli
How to Keep Repetitive Presentations Fresh

Do you have a presentation that you have to give over and over again? Has it gotten a little stale because you could give the presentation in your sleep (and sometimes feel like you are putting your audience to sleep)?

Check out this on-demand webinar, presented by cognitive scientist Dr. Carmen Simon of Rexi Media as she answers the question “how do you keep your repetitive presentations fresh?”

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“To answer that question, I have researched various fields that are marked by repetition,” said Simon. “This is where I’ll be extracting a lot of practical and immediately transferrable guidelines.”

This exclusive presentation provides details on:

  • How to take a page out of the book of top entertainers, teachers and athletes

  • The advantages of repetitive presentations

  • Techniques to keep your repetitive presentations engaging

Check out the full on-demand webinar via the link below, and visit our webinars page to view more expert presentations in areas like training, sales, marketing and PowerPoint.

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