The Number 1 Reason Sales Reps Fail to Hit Quota? Survey Says…

The Number 1 Reason Sales Reps Fail to Hit Quota? Survey Says…
May 8, 2014

Imagine you’re playing Family Feud, it’s your turn at the buzzer, and the question is:

“According to hundreds of sales managers surveyed, what is the NUMBER ONE reason why salespeople miss their quota?”

You hit the buzzer and blurt out… what?

Not enough leads? Lack of training? Poor sales process?

Each of these could certainly be on the board, but none would be the number one answer. At least not according to a report from the folks at SiriusDecisions, who actually did survey 100s of B2B sales managers on this very question.  

The most popular reason why reps fail to reach their numbers? Inability to articulate value in their sales conversations.

Surprised? Survey says... maybe you shouldn’t be.

“It’s not surprising,” says Tim Riesterer, chief strategy and marketing officer at Corporate Visions. “In our own research, 89% of reps said that pricing pressure has gotten significantly worse in the last three years. And the number one reason they gave was the lack of differentiation (68%) they felt in their products and messaging. This research corroborates the idea that salespeople clearly don’t have a good, powerful, distinctive story to tell.”

Corporate Visions is a leading marketing and sales training organization, and the concept of delivering more impactful sales conversations is a common one on their blog. In a recent webinar, Tim explained that companies need to enable salespeople to not just engage in dialogue with prospects and customers, but to have truly effective value conversations.

“Customer conversations are being identified as THE design point of the 21st century selling system,” Tim explains in the presentation. “You need to know how to identify which conversations you and your salespeople need to have as a company. You need to be able to define those conversations so that you can actually build the messages, build the tools, and train on the skills to help salespeople with those conversations.”

So how do you enable reps to tell a better story? In the Brainshark presentation below, Tim breaks down three “moments of truth” in every business conversation that sales reps need to be able to win every time, and how to do so in a way that creates, elevates and captures value.

Check out the full presentation here, and visit the Corporate Visions blog to find more great tips and ideas for sales and marketing communications.

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