What are the Top Business Use Cases for Video Content in 2014?

What are the Top Business Use Cases for Video Content in 2014?
May 19, 2014

New data shows that 85% of companies expect to create more online video content in 2014 than they did last year – but what are they using it for?

There have been plenty of reports over the past few years citing the rising popularity of business video content. Take this one. Or this one.

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Or more recently, this one: the new 2014 Online Video Production Trends Report from the Web Video Marketing Council. The report surveyed more than 300 video content professionals, and guess what? Video content is up again this year, with both budgets and number of videos produced expected to increase in 2014, according to those surveyed.

Because technology has advanced to the point where practically anyone can create compelling video content, companies are finding all sorts of ways to incorporate video into their day-to-day strategies.

How? Here are some of the most common use cases for business video content, according to the Council’s report.

Videos for company websites (80.8%). social media and networking sites (69.2%)

As you might expect from a video marketing survey, the top two results were very inbound marketing-centric, and in ways that shouldn’t be very surprising. Companies now use video content throughout their websites as a great way to increase visitor engagement, supplement text, and improve on-page SEO.

Naturally that content is often shared on (and sometimes created specifically for) social media channels in an effort to generate more sharing and take advantage of potential viral opportunities. I’m just guessing, but this number is likely helped by the inclusion of YouTube as well.

Video content for sales lead generation (39.3%)

In addition to driving traffic, views and brand awareness, businesses now often use video content to help drive demand and lead generation campaigns as well. For example, marketers can create videos as promotional tools for webinars and upcoming events, eBooks, whitepapers and more.

This can be a valuable tool for encouraging downloads and registrations via email campaigns, where the majority of marketers believe video content can help improve click-through and conversion rates.

Video content for employee training and education (38.1%), management communications (34.9%)

While the results of the report are certainly tilted toward the marketing side of things, the use of video has also become more a more popular and valuable form of internal communications for businesses. Companies have long been creating on-demand learning content to reduce the costs and increase the flexibility of their training programs (And you don’t have to look far to find reasons why online video works for eLearning.)

Video presentations can also be used for HR and management communications for things like executive announcements, corporate updates, benefits enrollment information, and so on. Employees can view this content anytime they need to, and managers can create and deliver it quickly, in their own voice, using the right tools and technology. (In fact, HR communications rank among the most popular use cases among Brainshark customers).

Online video slide presentations (31.1%)

Naturally, one of the simplest ways for anyone to create online video is to transform existing slide decks into compelling video content. The takeaway here is that you don’t need to be an expert videographer or editor to take advantage of video for your business. (According the Council’s report, 30% of those surveyed have less than four years of experience working with video.)

Of course, tools like Brainshark make it easy to turn PowerPoints into engaging, voice-enriched video presentations. But also don’t forget that any smartphone these days comes with a built-in camera, and editing tools have become increasingly inexpensive and easy to use.

Other popular use cases for business video cited in the report include video brochures, video landing pages, and online video advertising. For more details, you can download the full report from the Web Video Marketing Council. And for more tips and ideas on the value of online video for businesses, check out these additional articles:

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