7 Sales Productivity Hacks to Be Thankful For

7 Sales Productivity Hacks to Be Thankful For
November 25, 2014

Of all people, sales reps can appreciate the art of efficiency. With lots of time on the road, on calls, and in meetings, there is little time to spare. Every rep has their own little tips, tricks, and rituals that either save them valuable minutes or help them make the most of their time. But just in case you’re looking for another reason to be thankful this season, here are 7 sales hacks that can increase your daily productivity.

7 Sales Productivity Hacks to Be Thankful For

Hack #1: Allocate your time to maximize efficiency

Colleen Francis, author of The Sales Leader Blog, offers a sample schedule for how to best allot your time to various sales activities. Activities are broken up by hour, assuming a 40 hour work week.

Hack #2: Make the meeting count

Arne Sorenson, President and CEO of Marriott International, shares via SellingPower Blog the characteristics of the most effective meetings and presentations he’s attended.

Hack #3: Motivate your team with time-sensitive rewards

Managers may already use gamification to motivate their sales teams. You can really accelerate productivity by implementing shorter sales contests that capitalize on reps’ instinctive sense of urgency.

Hack #4: Learn Excel Shortcuts

InsightSquared created a 1-page guide for Excel shortcuts, highlighting useful formulas for sales managers, a 6-step plan for mastering pipeline analysis in Excel, and keyboard shortcuts.

Hack #5: Batch Admin Work

“Don’t get in the habit of making a call, leaving a voicemail, then disrupting your phone time to record the conversation in CRM, send a follow-up email, etc. Batch work items together to get and keep yourself in a groove,” says Matt Heinz of Heinz Marketing. He provides 9 other suggestions for increasing sales productivity here.

Hack #6: Keep your (LinkedIn) Friends Close, and Enemies Closer

Max Altschuler of Tout reveals a way to work the LinkedIn system to your advantage, assuming that other sales reps aren’t privy to how to work the privacy settings: “Well first go out and connect with reps at your competitors’ companies. Most of them probably haven’t played around with their settings and won’t think anything of it when you asked to connect. Once you’re connected, just wait to see who they connect with. When they connect with a prospect, you’ll be notified via news feed and you can send a very well timed email.”

Hack #7: Weekly Review and Planning

Anthony Iannarino, author of The Sales Blog, says “I capture everything I need to do for the coming week on Saturdays, and I plan my upcoming week on Sundays.” His is one of several sales leaders’ productivity mantras captured on the Salesforce Blog.

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