SlideShark v3.6 – New Improvements and Fixes!

November 20, 2014 | Gerry Praysman
SlideShark v3.6 – New Improvements and Fixes!

Our plan is to end 2014 off strong on the SlideShark front. Part of this means putting out a quick release to do away with some bugs and to make a few usability upgrades.

Bug Fixes

After Apple’s controversial iOS8 release, some of our users started to experience odd happenings. So we’ve addressed those, as well as a couple of smaller things we found while we were under the hood.

The following bugs have been addressed in this release:

  1. VGA Projection – Sometimes the screen turned black when projecting via a VGA adapter.  We’ve fixed that.

  2. Viewing Reports – The app was not reporting back everyone’s viewing behavior as real-time as it should have.  It learned its lesson and is communicating more often to keep your reports accurate.

  3. Catalog Refresh – Some people were noticing that their catalog was not updating with new content. They would have to manually re-synchronize.  We couldn’t have that!  Now the app refreshes more often to show the latest and greatest.

  4. End-of-Broadcast Report -  If you were broadcasting to remote attendees and never manually ended the meeting, we weren’t sending out the End-of-Broadcast Report until you next logged in.  Shame on us!  We added some additional intelligence to detect the meeting being over and send out some better communication.

Content Order

We’ve redefined the sort list in your SlideShark app content catalog to be ordered by “Last Modified Date” rather than “Creation Date.” This aligns the app a lot more to the website and should be particularly useful for our Team Edition customers, for whom content is often updated or replaced.

Zoom on iPad

You’ve always been able to zoom in on your slides on an iPhone or iPod Touch, where the real estate is quite limited. We had a number of users request to have this same functionality on the iPad. Have at it, folks!

We hope you enjoy the update. If you find any issues, please make sure to get in touch with our support team directly – they’re always ready to help!

And of course, if you love it (and we hope that you do), please log a good review on the AppStore.

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