Trapped Like Lab Rats: What’s Your Sales Onboarding Program Like?

Trapped Like Lab Rats: What’s Your Sales Onboarding Program Like?
November 13, 2014

“Welcome to the company!  You’re going to spend the next three weeks in a windowless room, being inundated with PowerPoints, while people tell you all sorts of things you ‘absolutely have to know’ before going out to sell.”

Not the best way to greet your newest flock of sales reps.

What makes it even worse? The people you’re subjecting to this are outgoing. You hire them for their ability to interact well with others. And here you are, asking them to sit and absorb a bunch of content like a dehydrated sponge? There has got to be a better way.

And of course, there is.

Before scheduling any classroom time, ask yourself: what’s the value of pulling people together in a room? You’ve got the attention and energy of a big group in one place. Use this opportunity to interact, discuss, and apply sales, product, and company knowledge through simulations and role-play. If there’s no discussion or interaction, you might as well learn it on your own.

This is where eLearning comes in.

The stuff that reps need to know should be taken out of the classroom and put into an eLearning platform – courses that reps can complete on-demand, on their own time. By delivering lessons in manageable sized modules that reps are tested on, they can more easily absorb the information and you can easily ensure that they comprehend it.  

On-demand video training and eLearning are such essential parts of good onboarding programs because they give you the flexibility to make your in-person sessions interactive. There’s a ton of information that reps need to know. And let’s face it: if you try to force feed it to them in that classroom setting, they’re never going to learn it. They’re going to spend their time wondering when they get their next cookie break to get them through the day.

So save your face-time for what’s really important: applying that knowledge to practice engaging prospects, uncovering challenges, and getting agreement you have the best solution.

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