Aligning Content to Enable Sales [eBook Excerpt]

October 03, 2014 | Ann Lambert
Aligning Content to Enable Sales [eBook Excerpt]

The following is a short excerpt from our exclusive eBook, The 7 Deadly Sins of Sales Enablement Content.

Is the content you create aligned with the conversations sales reps are having with prospects?

Sometimes communication between marketing and sales is stymied, which leads to content being created in siloes or by the reps themselves.

Misaligned content happens when marketers, either out of pride or sloth, churn out content that doesn’t actually reflect the conversations that the sales reps are having with the company’s prospects and customers. As a result, reps end up creating their own content or use dated resources – for example, a PowerPoint that worked a year ago to close a sale but doesn’t reflect new products and messaging in that particular line. And when reps create their own content, they may not be following branding and quality guidelines, which leads to an inconsistent brand experience for the customer, or even potential compliance risks.

Why Does It Matter?

Content that is useful and created with the sales reps in mind maximizes the content team’s use of time. Most importantly, it means marketers are creating content that the reps will actually use during the sales process, rather than assets that simply sit on the shelf gathering dust. When reps have the right content to help them prepare for meetings and share with prospects, they become more confident in the content and sales enablement strategy, and have more meaningful conversations that turn into sales.

Tips for Content Alignment

Open communication between sales and marketing is key. One tactic is to simply set up regular meetings and have face-to-face interactions with the sales team. Reps typically enjoy discussing the conversations they have with prospects and the challenges different verticals are facing. Knowing what the different segments of customers want, knowing who to talk to, and talking to the reps themselves can help marketers create more content that reps find truly valuable.

For more details on critical sales content mistakes to avoid, download the complete eBook, The Seven Deadly Sins of Sales Enablement Content.

The 7 Deadly Sins of Sales Enablement Content

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