Updated Brainshark Authoring Interface – Coming Soon!

October 09, 2014 | Kristin Simonini
Updated Brainshark Authoring Interface – Coming Soon!

The changing of leaves in New England has inspired us to roll out an updated user interface in our authoring application. With our next release scheduled for October 25, Brainshark users will notice a refreshed interface primarily in the Presentations application (below). This is generally the author’s view of Brainshark (accessed through My Content tab) though may also be seen by viewers in situations where a portal is not enabled.

It is important to note that this does not include any functional changes.  We will not be changing the location of elements or even their names. This is truly a ‘facelift’ that includes changes to colors, fonts, and some iconography to better align with the newer look and feel found in the Brainshark Content Portal and Rapid Learning applications. It provides a more seamless experience as users navigate through Brainshark.


Refreshing our user interface is an ongoing project, so you should expect to see these types of modifications on a more regular basis. We will continue to alert you to functional updates in the product as they become available.

Happy Autumn!

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