4 Ways to Promote Brainshark at Your Company: Insights from Rock Star Administrators

4 Ways to Promote Brainshark at Your Company: Insights from Rock Star Administrators
September 9, 2014

There are typically three types of people that interact with Brainshark at your company: content creators/authors, business sponsors who manage the overall relationship, and of course, Company Administrators who manage the day-day of the Brainshark site. (These roles can also overlap.)

We have found that the more involved the Administrator is with Brainshark, the more engaging the company’s Brainshark presentations will be, and the more value the company will receive from their license.

This past year, the Sharkie Awards even added a new category that has nothing to do with great presentations, but instead recognizes Rock Star Administrators.

The 2014 winners were:

Bethany Sarazin, Corporate Operational Support, Transamerica

Michael Helton, Technology & Training, Combined Insurance

Jack Wexler, Director of Online Learning Platforms, Goodwill Industries

Jonathan Scheck, Global Virtual Content Support, Citi

Wyatt Conrad, Global Product Development Manager, Sitel

In June, these Rock Stars spent two days at Brainshark’s offices and met with staff, had lunch with Administrators from other Boston-area customers, met former Red Sox pitcher Tim Wakefield on their way to the game (check out the great pic below!), and bonded together as a group.

While they were in town, we asked them to share their insights on the role of the Brainshark Company Administrator. You can hear their stories in this 4-minute video.

Many of the Rock Stars highlighted executive messaging as an effective way to get increased exposure for themselves and Brainshark within their organization. In addition, here are 4 ideas to increase awareness, utilization and value of Brainshark at your company.

#1. Lunch and Learn/User Groups

Invite team leaders from other departments within your company to a “lunch and learn” and teach them about how you’re using Brainshark. The agenda could include explaining why and how you’re using Brainshark, showing a few presentations, and highlighting the resources that could help them get started.

#2. Contests

One of our favorite ideas is an “American Idol” style contest to find in-house voice/narration talent to record your presentations. There are wannabe DJs everywhere and this is can be a great way to find talent if you don’t have a budget to hire professional narrators. Another contest idea we like? Giving away stress sharks to new authors!

#3. Technology Fairs, Councils and Forums

Larger companies often showcase products they use either online or on-site at cross-departmental monthly or quarterly meetings to share best practices and ideas. Take a few minutes to discuss how you use Brainshark in your team, and how others could benefit as well.

#4. Social Media

If your company uses Salesforce.com’s Chatter, Jive, Google+, SharePoint or one of the many other tools to foster collaboration and communication within an organization, create a Brainshark group and encourage authors to share their latest projects and best practices.

If you are interested in trying any of these out, contact customercommunity@brainshark.com and we can help you by providing prizes, visiting your office for a user group, or other resources.

To learn more about the role of the Administrator: