5 Tips for a More Tech-Savvy Sales Presentation

5 Tips for a More Tech-Savvy Sales Presentation
September 22, 2014

While PowerPoint is still an invaluable tool for most sales presenters, many reps these days also mix in the right technology to take their slide presentations to the next level. With that in mind, here are just a few simple ways to make technology work for you, taken from our exclusive eBook, 51 Tips for Delivering Better Sales Presentations.

#1. Go mobile and leave your laptop at home

Laptops are so 2008. These days you can step up your presentation game (and impress your audience) by presenting from a mobile device like an iPad tablet, or even share slides straight from your smartphone (seriously). The SlideShark app makes it easy to present confidently from your iPad or iPhone with all your slide graphics and animations intact. It’s as simple as plug and play, and let’s face it, not only are tablets easier to carry, they’re just cooler too.

#2. Put your presentation in the palm of your (audience’s) hand

Many professionals these days attend meetings with their laptops or tablets in tow, but have you thought about using it to your advantage? Forget screen sharing – with SlideShark you can simply share a link and broadcast your slides live so prospects can follow along on their own personal devices – smartphones, PCs, Macs, iPads, Android tablets… you get the picture.

This obviously makes sense for remote attendees, but you might be asking, why encourage those in the room to look at their screens while you’re talking? Look at it this way: they’re doing it anyway, so you might as well take advantage of it – especially in very large rooms. The people in the back no longer have an excuse to tune you out, and the broadcasting capability adds a “wow” factor to your presentation that can help keep everyone engaged regardless of their location.

#3. Annotate your slides on the fly

Some tools allow you to highlight certain parts of your slides with annotations during the meeting to emphasize certain points, which can be especially useful if things go in a direction you weren’t expecting. This is not to say that reps should start drawing on their screens with a highlighter (because that would be weird). But when presenting from an iPad, for example, you could use the SlideShark annotation tools to emphasize key points on your slides with a variety of colors and shapes.

#4. Be prepared for remote attendees

While most reps prefer in-person presentations, there will always be times when some stakeholders simply can’t be in the room for the meeting. Don’t be caught off guard! There’s nothing worse than fumbling with electronics in front of a room full of people waiting for your presentation to start. Save yourself the struggle and be prepared to present to remote audiences. The remote presentation technology has been around for quite some time— be ready to use it.

#5. Why not add a video?

Including a video is a great way to add variety to your presentations while keeping your audience engaged. You can strengthen your sales presentations by using video to demonstrate processes, incorporate testimonials, show promotional material – anything that helps reinforce your message. Just keep it short – you don’t want to lose the momentum of the conversation. A simple 90-second clip can be ideal.

Want more tips like these? Download our exclusive eBook: 51 Tips for Delivering Better Sales Presentations.

51 Tips for Delivering Better Sales Presentations