6 Sales Presentation Tips for Staying Customer-Focused

6 Sales Presentation Tips for Staying Customer-Focused
September 16, 2014

Successful sales conversations often come down to one thing: making a connection with the customer or prospect. While it can be tempting for reps to fall back on product-centered messaging – especially if they’re selling a great product – it’s critical to keep the customer top-of-mind as you prepare for and execute your sales presentations.

Below are just a few simple tips for keeping your presentations customer-focused from our exclusive eBook: 51 Tips for Delivering Better Sales Presentations

#1. Get in the minds of your audience

When prepping for a meeting or call, try to answer these four questions:

• What is the audience thinking before the presentation?

• What are they already doing about the issues you’re going to discuss?

• What do you want them to think after they’ve seen you present?

• What do you want them to do?

Think about these questions before you create the final presentation. Then be realistic and clear about what should happen next.

#2. Keep an eye on industries & personas

Prepping for your specific audience will allow you to provide the most relevant information – points which can vary depending on their unique industries or the pressure points of their individual roles. For example, a customer success story that speaks to the same problem your prospect is having could be more valuable than a generic value prop. Similarly, if your audience relies heavily on numbers and facts, having data readily available can tremendously influence your sale.

#3. Don’t open with “Me, me, me”

Some teams consider it a best practice to introduce a presentation with several slides on their own company, its background, its customers, its high school prom date, the first time it drove a car (OK, we made those last two up). While the logic behind this is that your audience’s attention-span needs time to ramp up, this is typically the best way to put them to sleep. Instead, grab their attention from the get-go by addressing their challenges, needs, and what you bring to the table for them. Don’t start with “Me, me, me.” Open with “You, you, you!

#4. Stalk your prospects (but not in a creepy way)

Has the prospects’ company been in the news lately? Do you have any colleagues in common? What are their interests outside of work? Taking the time to learn these details can go a long way toward building rapport with your audience. It shows that you are genuinely interested in them, not just the sale. It’s amazing what a simple Google, LinkedIn or Twitter search can reveal about a person these days. Do your social homework and it may pay off when you’re breaking the ice before you present.

#5. Say “you” not “we”

A simple tip: frame the presentation from the perspective of your customer, not your company. For example, rather than saying “we offer” say “you get”. See what we did there? So will your audience.

#6. Ask plenty of “impact questions”

Be inquisitive. Delve into the issues that will reveal questions and needs the prospects didn’t even know they had. The folks at Sales Engine call these “impact questions,”10 and the idea is that they show that you are thoughtful and sincere in your intentions to build a relationship, not just close a deal.

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51 Tips for Delivering Better Sales Presentations