This Just In: New and Improved Royalty-Free Animations for PowerPoint!

This Just In: New and Improved Royalty-Free Animations for PowerPoint!
September 23, 2014

78% of all Brainshark presentations created by customers have at least one animated PowerPoint slide.

Take a look at this recent presentation from the Brainshark Services team to see what you can do with PowerPoint... pretty amazing! 

Business presenters that use Brainshark are heavy users of PowerPoint, but designing graphics for visual communications may not be every presenter’s strong suit. So, the more that we can provide helpful resources to Brainshark users, the more successful you will be in delivering engaging communications in a short amount of time.  If you search the web, you will find lots of PowerPoint background templates, but very few places to access pre-produced animations to use in presentations.  

To that end, the Customer Community team just re-released its collection of PowerPoint Animations Templates. The goal is to save you time and provide some inspiration. Initially, there were three volumes with lots of template slides in each. We took the best from the original series, worked with a designer to create custom timelines, maps and calendars, and re-structured the templates into 9 collections based on use case.

You can access the templates by clicking here. Just choose the collection and you will see a Brainshark presentation that plays the animated slides. You can then access the PowerPoint slides from the Attachments tab. Once downloaded, the slides and animations are completely editable. You can change the text, colors, size, speed of animations– anything you would normally do with your own slides.

If you are not familiar with PowerPoint animations and how to work with them, check out the Brainshark PowerPoint Helpful resources page for a wide range of tutorials or take a 45-minute online training class on how to use animations in your Brainshark presentation.

In addition to the Animations Templates, earlier this year, Brainshark released a collection of 5 Royalty free songs, with a 4, 10, 30, 60-second and a full length version of each song.  Similar to the animations, music can be used to enhance your presentations.

To learn about the power of animations (and music!) in your Brainshark presentations, view our 3-part blog series: