The Seven Deadly Sins of Sales Enablement Content [eBook]

The Seven Deadly Sins of Sales Enablement Content [eBook]
September 26, 2014

You may not have noticed, but sales enablement has quickly become a core responsibility for many B2B content marketers. To facilitate more productive sales conversations, reps are increasingly reliant on differentiating, relevant content to more effectively prepare for meetings and engage potential customers.

Unfortunately, the often siloed nature of sales and marketing organizations, and their subsequent failure to communicate and collaborate, can give way to issues that inhibit rather than enable sales teams. From “creation confusion” to “content out of context”, your marketing team may be committing one of The 7 Deadly Sins of Sales Enablement Content without even knowing it.

Fear not: In our exclusive eBook, we take you on a journey down the Styx River to identify each of these deadly sins… and we’ll paddle back with actionable advice for how to remedy them. 

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