Brainshark Analytics Shed New Light on Sales Content and Activities

Brainshark Analytics Shed New Light on Sales Content and Activities
August 4, 2015

Enabling your sales reps to find the right content every time is a great idea, but what’s the “right” content? You need more than anecdotal evidence to determine what content improves your reps’ productivity and drives more business, or you’re likely to make mistakes that will exact a toll in missed opportunities and lost sales. 

Sales Accelerator to the rescue

The Brainshark Sales Accelerator is already a great solution for serving content to your reps that will help them learn, prepare, and engage more effectively. It enables you to always show the content you want reps to see and use for every unique selling situation – without ever leaving Salesforce.  

Now, we’ve enhanced Sales Accelerator analytics to give sales managers new, unique insight into the productivity and performance of their reps, helping to answer key questions like: What do successful reps do compared to underperformers? What content helps drive more sales? And for marketers,  what’s the ROI of the content you create, and where should you focus your efforts?

Understand the impact of sales content and activities – and make better decisions

Sales Accelerator analytics deliver insight into four key areas:

  • Closed-won deals, and the content that played a role in closing them

  • Open opportunities, and what content reps are sharing to keep buyers engaged

  • Content, and its impact and revenue implications throughout the sales cycle

  • Reps, their activity levels, and the activities that help them achieve the best results

Sales Accelerator Analytics

Armed with this information, managers can more easily identify the selling activities that truly work, and coach their reps to sell like top performers, while marketers can make more informed decisions based on content ROI.

To find out more, check out our Brainshark analytics page or download the PDF.