Making the Commitment to Continuous Learning: Q&A with Andy Paul – Part 1

Making the Commitment to Continuous Learning: Q&A with Andy Paul – Part 1
August 10, 2015
Andy Paul

Andy Paul (@zerotimeselling) is a leading sales acceleration writer, speaker and coach. He is the author of two books: the Amazon best-seller Amp Up Your Sales: Powerful Strategies That Move Customers To Make Fast, Favorable Decisions, which was recently named by HubSpot as one of the 20 highest-rated sales books of all time; and, the award-winning Zero-Time Selling: 10 Essential Steps to Accelerate Every Company's Sales, which was recognized by Top Sales World as one of the Top 3 Sales & Marketing Books of 2011. He is also ranked #7 on Forbes list of the Top 30 global experts on social selling.

In response to his article, Perfect the Elements of Your Selling that You Control, I asked him the question…

Why is CONTINUOUS learning such a challenge for sales reps?

AP: Continuous learning is NOT the challenge for sales reps. Making the commitment to continuous learning is the challenge.

Too often reps believe that it is solely the responsibility of their employer to provide them with the training on sales skills and product knowledge that they need to be able to successfully sell their product. As a result, they don’t actively invest their time in reading sales books, sales blogs or attending webinars and industry conferences in order to learn more about their profession and their customers.

Which leads to an important question about investing in the future: If you’re a sales rep, what are you prepared to sacrifice in order to succeed?

If it would increase your chances of winning more orders and earning more money, would you be willing to forego watching one episode of some completely forgettable TV show in order to give yourself an additional 60 minutes of free time each week to read a sales book?

Here are some simple steps reps can take to keep learning:

Turn off your TV

Invest some time to explore the universe of free sales resources available for sales people that can help boost your career. Read a few sales blogs everyday, attend free sales skills webinars once per month, watch YouTube videos about sales, listen to a weekly sales podcast (there are hundreds) or download and read an eBook about sales.

Follow the experts

I belong to a group of roughly 40 sales experts and sales authors. We openly share all of the free content from these incredible sales leaders with our own audiences. Just follow me on Twitter (@zerotimeselling) and you’ll get access to all of the great content that these sales thought leaders and experts provide.

Invest in learning

Do some research and identify two or three sales experts who you feel will challenge you to look at your selling from a different perspective and who will challenge you to break out of your mold and try something new. Investigate their available paid resources like sales books, online classes, mastermind groups and sales coaches.

Then commit your time and money to put some skin in the game. Start small. Buy a sales book and read it. Or download the audio version and listen to it in your car. Put your own time and money at risk and I guarantee that you’ll instantly be more committed to wringing the maximum value out of that investment.

Because, if you won’t invest $17.95 every month in continuous learning about sales in order to boost your win rate, and your commissions, then you’re not really serious about succeeding.

For more sales tips, ideas and strategies from Andy, visit his blog, The Sales Fix.

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