Targeted Sales Content Fuels High-Performing Sales Teams [Report]

Targeted Sales Content Fuels High-Performing Sales Teams [Report]
August 3, 2015

A new study from Salesforce highlights the important role content plays in the present and future of B2B sales – something top-performing organizations are already well aware of.

In June, Salesforce released its 2015 State of Sales report, a detailed study aimed to uncover the top trends that are driving the future of sales. This is the first time Salesforce has released this type of report, and the company polled more than 2,300 sales leaders to examine what currently separates top-performing sales organizations from the rest.

There is a LOT of great data in here, with analysis devoted to how today’s sales teams take advantage of analytics, mobile, technology and (if you dig a little deeper) content.

But not just any content. The report references targeted sales content as a key driver for high-performing sales organizations. In fact, the report states that 64% of high-performing sales teams value targeted sales content as part of their selling process. This is compared to only 29% of underperforming organizations who currently use this type of content (or plan to within the next 18 months).

In other words, today’s top sales organizations are more likely to make content a key part of their strategies.

What is targeted sales content?

Targeted content basically refers to sales content that is geared toward a specific (or “target”) audience and selling situation. As reps rely on content to support their conversations with buyers, they’ll want to use assets that are most relevant to each audience. Obviously, this can include content and messaging designed for unique personas (job titles, industries, etc.), but it doesn’t end there.

Different stages of the sales cycle also call for different content assets, so it’s also important to ensure that reps are sharing the most appropriate assets as prospects advance further through the sales process. (This can be especially important for complex B2B sales).

The right content, at the right time – with the right technology

There a couple of key considerations to keep in mind when it comes to targeted sales content:

  • Creation, or developing the actual messages that will resonate most with the personas you want to sell to.

  • Access, or ensuring reps can easily find and share sales content that’s aligned with the conversations they need to have.

The second point is just as important as the content itself, and shouldn’t be overlooked in an effort to increase sales productivity. Fortunately, this is where sales enablement technology can help.

As the Salesforce report states, “high-performing sales teams are more than twice as likely to be heavy tech adopters.” From a content standpoint, the right sales enablement solution can not only make it easier for organizations to CREATE the type of content that engages target buyers, but also DELIVER it in a way that makes it easy for reps to find the best resources for any situation.

This is a major challenge that a lot of sales organizations face, as many reps struggle to find relevant resources to support their sales conversation, or are simply overwhelmed by the sheer volume of content being provided to them. But considering the important role content plays for high-performing sales teams, it’s a problem that underperforming organizations need to figure out – soon.

Content delivery has always been critical to the sales conversation,” notes sales coach and speaker Kelly Riggs noted in a recent Q&A. The strategic use of content plays a role in establishing credibility, in providing information critical to the buying decision, and in providing the opportunity to deliver added value to the customer.

For more details about the state of sales in 2015, download the full report from Salesforce.

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