10 Quotes on Why Content is the Key to Sales Enablement

10 Quotes on Why Content is the Key to Sales Enablement
February 4, 2015

What can content bring to sales enablement? If you’re being collaborative, strategic, and smart about your content creation, the answer is a lot. But don’t take my word for it. Thought leaders far and wide are talking about how content and sales enablement are becoming a quintessential combination for B2B success. Here are some of our favorite quotes about the dynamic duo from around the web. content-sales-enablement-quotes

#1. “Content marketing is all about sales, and B2B organizations are beginning to re-frame the way they look at content to help them drive more sales.”

 – Stuart Leung (@leungstuart), Strange Bedfellows: How Content Marketing is Bringing Together Sales Teams and Marketing Departments

#2. “A sales team armed with content — content inspired by their own insights — is a sales team that can more effectively close deals. To make this happen you’ll need the right tools combined with the right processes for your company. So before you craft another piece of content, take a step back, walk over to the nearest sales rep, and have a conversation.”

– Hana Abaza (@HanaAbaza), Content is for Closers: How to Leverage Content for Sales Enablement

#3. “Marketing must provide great content to sales. Having the right collateral or case study mapped to the buyer journey is extremely important. The delivery systems are obviously important and there is plenty of discussion in B2B organizations around their ‘sales portals’ but none of that matters if the content stinks.”

– Michael Brenner (@BrennerMichael), Sales Enablement: Focus On Customers to Lower The Cost Of Sales

#4. “Leveraging content throughout the sales process is a powerful way to educate and persuade potential customers, clarify the value proposition, manage objections and expedite the sales cycle.”

 –Hana Abaza (@HanaAbaza),  Content is for Closers: How to Leverage Content for Sales Enablement

#5. “Any content that shows the value of your offerings and highlights the success of your customers is an important, credible asset for your sales team. This type of content can appear in many formats from testimonial quotes, to written case studies, to customer videos.”

Amanda Maksymiw (@amandamaks), 3 Types of Must-Have Sales Enablement Content

#6. “Sales teams engage buyers with content once they enter the sales funnel, nurturing prospects to close. By monitoring a buyer’s digital history, sales is acutely aware of the topics he or she is interested in and the pain points they might have.”

 – Jean Spencer (@Jeanwrites), A Marketer’s Guide to Sales Enablement

#7. “In this digital age, it's increasingly important for marketing to play a bigger role in helping sales not just get ‘your’ message in front of a customer, but to make it ‘their’ message — something that the buyer cares enough about to talk to your rep and to do something that upsets the status quo as a result.”

 – Laura Ramos (@lauraramos), How Top Marketers Use Customer-Centered Content To Make Their Message More Valuable

#8. “If a sales organization is properly sharing engaging content with their prospective clients, at every stage of the funnel, they have the ability to reach audiences significantly larger than the average blog or corporate social media page.”

Marc Cowlin (@mcowlin), Sales Enablement Will be the Next Big Craze in Content Marketing

#9. “To maximize the chances of securing the deal when the time is right, you need to stay in touch – and marketing can help by producing materials to keep your business top-of-mind.”

– Richard Young (@Richard_Y), Revealed: The Role of Marketing in Sales Enablement

#10. “For you as a sales enablement leader, it’s essential to define a content analytics framework that defines how to look at the data and what additional elements are necessary to understand the big picture… Approaching the issue in a holistic way like this helps to leverage content analytics and to make the right content decisions — to create value, not noise.”

Tamara Schenk (@tamaraschenk), What Sales Enablement Content Analytics Really Mean

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