Content Marketing Message Development: Tell Me Something I Don’t Know

Content Marketing Message Development: Tell Me Something I Don’t Know
February 11, 2015

Marketing and sales are a one-two punch for B2Bs; neither one has the same impact without the other. Sales needs marketing to develop content and resources that will help them win more business, and marketing needs to sales to be the eyes and the ears of the organization’s customers and prospects so they know what messages to drive home. Together, they’re a powerhouse. But they don’t always harness that power to optimize their messages.Content Marketing Message Development

We recently highlighted executive buyers’ dissatisfaction with sales rep preparedness. And now B2B marketing is under the microscope. Could more buyers’ needs have been met had reps been armed with more relevant, effective content and messages? Apparently so.

In this Forrester Research report, Peter O’Neill presents data suggesting that today’s informed buyers aren’t exactly thrilled with the stale resources and messages that they are given. From being too high-level or product-centric, to not addressing their questions or challenges, the concerns were many. In fact, those surveyed made the following claims regarding content that salespeople present to them:

“I usually scan the information and then throw it in the trash” (55%)

“Vendors give me too much material to sort through” (70%)

“Much of the material is useless” (65%)

Ouch. For someone who knows and appreciates the time and effort that goes into the creation of a piece of content, that hurts. But the good news is, the problem is not insurmountable. The report goes on to detail exactly why some of these resources are not helpful and offers a framework for reviewing, revising, developing, and delivering content that will meet specific buyers’ expectations and needs.

The key, as O’Neill writes, is to “interlink marketing content and sales conversations” because “creating and distributing great content without involving the sales team is going to be, at the end of the day, destructive.”

Download the full report to find out what it takes to deliver content that will bring value to the conversation, not just the same old stuff that the customer researched before the sales meeting.