Sharing Sales Wins: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Sharing Sales Wins: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work
February 16, 2015

Sales reps are competitive by nature. They have lofty goals to meet each quarter, and they have to be scrappy, persistent, and determined to reach them. But their individual quotas and competitive spirit don’t minimize the opportunity for teamwork. After all, sales teams as a whole also have numbers they strive to meet, and the ultimate shared goal of driving more business for the company is ever-present.

So, in a role that seems to operate in isolation on a day-to-day basis, how can you leverage your peers and tap into the power of the collective?

In her article, Five Things Your Salespeople Need After Learning A New Methodology, Rachel Clapp Miller of Force Management maintains the importance of “best practices collaboration.” She writes, “Highly effective sales teams have something in common that merely adequate teams rarely possess: a high level of sharing among salespeople. When individual performers hoard information and best practices, it may benefit them individually in the short term, but it does nothing for the whole team.”

The takeaway?

The buck doesn’t have to stop at sharing best practices for implementing sales methodologies, as Miller writes about. Sales reps can be sharing stories of their wins, how they approach deals, and even recognize the key players who helped to close them.

For example, telling their story through an on-demand video presentation is an effective way to make the sales win come alive for other reps who are viewing it. And sharing this through an internal portal or forum like Salesforce Chatter not only increases the visibility of reps and the new customers they brought in, but allows everyone to learn and benefit from the tactics and strategies they used.

Of course, managers play a role here as well. It’s often their job to coach reps on the content and sales approaches that work best throughout the selling process. This requires insight into rep activities to see what’s working and what isn’t, so they can identify best practices and share those strategies with reps throughout the team – particularly those struggling to meet quota or close as many deals as the top reps. 

Sales reps may have their individual territories, verticals, and accounts that they are responsible for. And maybe (hopefully!) they are meeting their milestones and crushing their quotas. But, as they say, knowledge not shared is knowledge wasted. To truly build shared success, communicate those wins—so everyone wins.  

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