WeVideo: Cloud-Based Video Editing for Brainshark Customers

WeVideo: Cloud-Based Video Editing for Brainshark Customers
February 5, 2015

Incorporating a video shot with a camera or a screen capture tool can enhance the viewing experience for your audience. In 2014, adding video became the second most popular feature used by Brainshark authors with 33% of presentations incorporating some type of video.

What is interesting to note is the average length of an uploaded video is 4 minutes; this just so happens to be the same for YouTube. However, unlike YouTube, there are usually slides, questions and other content incorporated into a Brainshark presentation. As a best practice, we generally suggest taking that 4-minute video and breaking it into smaller sections that can be sprinkled throughout the presentation. This will help make your presentations more engaging. Additionally, take advantage of the Table of Contents feature so that your audience can find the segment of most value to them. 

Editing with WeVideo

You may already have access to video editing tools. However, we’ve heard from customers that they can be challenging. Brainshark has partnered with WeVideo, a cloud-based video editing platform. Click here to sign up for a 30-day trial. They offer multiple interfaces targeted to your skill level. WeVideo can be used to:

  1. Edit your raw footage

  2. Take an existing video file and break it  into smaller sections

  3. Edit webinar replays or other screen capture videos (read this blog post)

  4. Combine multiple videos into one longer clip for a Brainshark VideoSync presentation

  5. Take advantage of some advanced video editing capabilities

To learn how to edit in the WeVideo platform, check out their academy of tutorials.

Publishing to Brainshark with WeVideo

Once edited (if you have the WeVideo Pro or Small Team Edition) you can directly upload your video into Brainshark and create a new presentation by following the steps below. The uploaded video in that presentation can be merged into an existing presentation, or additional content elements can be added to the new presentation.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are creating a video to use with Brainshark’s VideoSync (for side-by-side video and PowerPoint), you will have to download the edited video as a .mp4 file and upload the video as part of the VideoSync upload process.

Step 1

When you have finished editing, click ‘Publish’ in the top bar to bring up the list of publishing options.


Step 2

Click on the Brainshark fin icon in the “Destination” row.


If this is the first time you are linking a Brainshark account to WeVideo, you will be asked to fill out a form with:

  1. Your Brainshark username

  2. Your Brainshark password

  3. Your Brainshark login page (Just add the text at the end of the Brainshark URL which is unique to your company. So, if your site is www.brainshark.com/ABCInsurance, just type ABCInsurance )

  4. Click Save, and your Brainshark and WeVideo accounts will be linked. The Brainshark logo, which was once greyed out, should now be blue.

Step 3

Title your video, choose the Quality and click Publish Video (it will be published in the main folder of your Brainshark site with the title you created. If you did not create a title, it will be called Brainshark WeVideo Test). In general, choose the setting that is closest to the quality of your original footage. So, if your video was shot in 480p, then choose 480p. Do the same for 720p or 1080p.

PLEASE NOTE: Brainshark uses 720p for the videos we create, and you may want to experiment with these options:


After you click Publish Video, your video will take a few minutes to render. You will receive an email when done.


PLEASE NOTE: 480p uses the 4x3 aspect ratio. 720p and 1080p use the 16x9 aspect ratio. Aspect ratios are the proportional relation of an image’s width to its height. 4x3 and 16x9 are your two options in Brainshark. With the advent of HD video and PPT 2013, aspect ratios are something to pay attention to. This topic will be covered in a future blog post. 

A few more tips

  • You can have as many video slides in a Brainshark presentation as you’d like (excluding VideoSync presentations); but there is a maximum of 500 MB per uploaded video. If you receive a warning message that indicates “Files must be less than 500 megabytes”, contact Brainshark Support to discuss the best options for your video.

  • If you have a presentation with just one video file and want to hide the table of contents, add an & or ?  in front of DM=1 or DM=5 at the end of the URL. For details and a list of other parameters that can be added to the end of the URL, click here.

  • If at any time you want to change or unlink Brainshark from WeVideo, go to Manage Account and choose Manage Connections.

Click here to sign up for a free WeVideo 30-day trial. The integration with Brainshark is for those with WeVideo's Pro or Small Team Edition; click here for pricing. Their Pro or Small Team Edition features custom branding, slow/fast motion, green screen, hide the WeVideo watermark and more.