Announcing the 2015 Sharkie Awards

Announcing the 2015 Sharkie Awards
January 26, 2015

Is your New Year’s resolution to win a Sharkie Award? If so, now’s your time to shine! We’re excited to announce the 2015 Sharkie Awards!

2015-sharkie-awardsFor the 7th year, we’re honoring the best Brainshark customer presentations in a number of categories and across a variety of use cases. Not only is it a good opportunity to see what kinds of presentations have been created over the past year, it’s your chance to show off your creativity, the value Brainshark has brought to you and your organization, and celebrate your success. Each year the submissions get better and better so we’re especially excited to see what you send us this year!

Choose from thirteen categories to submit your presentation(s), including Corporate Communications, Creative Expression, and Brainshark for Training. Each category will be reviewed by a team of Brainshark judges, and each category winner will receive a glass Sharkie Award trophy, be recognized during the September Awards Ceremony, and be featured in the Customer Presentation Gallery.

But wait… there’s more! Of the thirteen category winners, three will be hailed as the best of the best in the Gold, Silver and Bronze awards.  This will be voted on by you, our customers.

This year, instead of the usual 1-month period to submit your content, you can submit now through May 31st. Learn more about the criteria, category descriptions, and contest details.

We’re excited to view and judge all of the superb Brainshark presentations you’ve built in the past year!