Sales Onboarding Challenges^* Tips & Ideas [Video]

Sales Onboarding Challenges^* Tips & Ideas [Video]
January 22, 2015

Studies show that companies are willing to spend 20 times more to hire a rep than they are to spend to train them once they get there. Onboarding and supporting new hires is critical, and given the role that sales reps play in any organization, it’s certainly not an area to neglect.

From navigating the initial challenges of sales onboarding to planning a schedule to prepare your newest reps, there’s a lot to consider. In this short video series, Liz Couchon, Brainshark Director of Sales Knowledge Management, discusses the importance of sales onboarding, related challenges, and tips and ideas for successful execution.

Part 1: Navigating Challenges

Part 2: Keys to Success

Part 3: Planning a Schedule

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