Solving the Sales Productivity Problem: It Starts with Content

January 12, 2015 | Brendan Cournoyer
Solving the Sales Productivity Problem: It Starts with Content

Take an in-depth look at the role content plays in the sales enablement process in this exclusive new (and free!) report, Solving the Sales Productivity Problem.

Increasing sales productivity is about more than just driving revenue. It’s about enabling reps to sell better, faster and more efficiently.

Is content the key? It can be.

Today, the best B2B content strategies not only generate leads, but also enable sales reps to make the most of those opportunities with valuable customer interactions that accelerate the buying cycle and shake up the status quo.

This exclusive report takes a detailed look at how companies can use content to provide reps with more effective training, coaching, and the ability to consistently have more successful sales conversations. Inside you’ll find:

  • ideas for delivering B2B sales content that works

  • strategies for better customer and prospect engagement

  • tips for enabling reps right within the CRM  

… and a lot more. You can download the full report below (it’s free!) or via any of the hyperlinks above. You can also visit the Brainshark Sales Accelerator page to learn how Brainshark helps companies improve sales productivity with the right content, training and analytics – right within

Solving the Sales Productivity Problem

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