Saying Goodbye to the myBrainshark Service

Saying Goodbye to the myBrainshark Service
July 6, 2015

When Brainshark was first founded, we started out with a singular purpose: to provide enterprise solutions that transform the way businesses create and share content. Then in 2009 we introduced myBrainshark – a lighter, single-user version of our enterprise Brainshark product for easily creating and sharing online video presentations.

We launched the myBrainshark service with two primary goals. First, to give individual users the experience of creating dynamic Brainshark presentations, but without all of the features of our complete enterprise product. Second, we wanted to create a large, active community of content experts (and particularly learning experts) who could author and share presentations easily on the web.

As myBrainshark has grown, other sites for sharing presentations and videos have grown as well. SlideShare and YouTube are the most popular examples, and now represent the largest online communities for sharing presentations and video content on the web.

At the same time, our business model at Brainshark has evolved tremendously, as we’ve continued to develop our core enterprise solutions for sales, training and marketing. Most notably, this past October we launched the Brainshark Sales Accelerator: an end-to-end sales enablement solution that harnesses the power of Brainshark to help companies significantly increase sales productivity – right in

While the Sales Accelerator signals an exciting new chapter for Brainshark, it’s also become clear that the myBrainshark service no longer reflects and complements our core business the way it once did. As a result, and as part of our continued effort to provide customers with the highest quality enterprise products, we have decided to discontinue the myBrainshark offering.

It’s been a great run with myBrainshark these past six years, and we sincerely thank the myBrainshark community, but the time has come to move ahead as we continue to focus on the development of our award-winning enterprise solutions: the Brainshark Sales Accelerator, Brainshark Learning Cloud, and Brainshark Marketing Cloud.

What does this mean for existing myBrainshark users? 

We understand that this isn’t great news for those who use and love myBrainshark. With that in mind, we’ve developed an extended timeline to ensure you have plenty of time to migrate your existing myBrainshark content and find other free alternatives for hosting and sharing presentations: 

July 18, 2015 – You will see two new features released to the myBrainshark app, enabling you to publish your myBrainshark presentations directly to YouTube, or download your content straight to your hard drive or cloud storage system. The period to download content will end with the myBrainshark site shutdown on January 4, 2016.

August 29, 2015 – You will no longer be able to upload or create new content in myBrainshark.  However, your existing presentations will remain active, and all presentation links you’ve embedded or shared will still work.

January 4, 2016 – The myBrainshark website will be officially shut down, and all content will become inactive.

Note for myBrainshark paid users: For paid subscribers, we are offering the option to migrate your current myBrainshark license to one of our enterprise license options at no additional cost through June 1, 2016. This solution includes all of the features and capabilities you’ve come to expect from myBrainshark, plus more. Your content will be automatically transitioned to this license account starting August 29th.

Of course, if you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact our Support team any time.

We truly appreciate your use of the myBrainshark platform over these last several years. I hope you will check out our suite of enterprise solutions for sales productivity, learning and marketing.