Using Twitter and Social Selling to Gain Unfair Advantages in the Sales Process

Using Twitter and Social Selling to Gain Unfair Advantages in the Sales Process
July 29, 2015

This article was submitted by Julio Viskovich, VP of Marketing at rFactr

Complex sales involve a number of different people. You will find multiple decision makers, buyers, each having a completely different role and need than the next one. As a sales professional, it is up to you to work within the ranges of expertise and knowledge to present your solution in a compelling manner. This is where social selling helps!

Twitter Lists

Twitter Lists allow you to filter out all the noise and organize important people. For example, you can create a list of industry influencers to help you establish yourself as a trusted source and thought leader by sharing their information and networking with them.

Also essential is to create a list of your current prospects that are on Twitter. Monitor this list to listen for trigger events, or to get to know your prospects and establish some value for your next formal touch point. You can even create a competitors list to gain insight into their positioning, their problems, and who they’re talking to.

Twitter Lists 

Note: Twitter lists can be both public and private. Make sure any lists you call “prospects” or “competitors” you make private.


Hashtags are ways to tag your tweet or assign it a topic, making it more easily searchable on Twitter. Using hashtags is essential in growing your Twitter audience by getting your content in front of eyeballs not currently following you. But be strategic. You have to determine which hashtags your buyers or future customers are using today.

There are general industry hashtags like #b2bsales or #FiServ which will help establish a keen following in your niche, but you can also identify the hashtags for major events (i.e. #SDSummit) as well as for Twitter Chats that your prospects may be using (i.e. #H2Hchat). Being where your buyers are will get you more at bats and prove the value necessary to earn the right to win their business.

Know Your Buyers

Social media helps you get to your prospects unlike ever before. Sales is built upon the concepts of empathy and insights, which is why winning sales professionals thoroughly research their prospects before meetings, and keeps tabs on real-time updates and buying triggers. Vorsight created a great tactic called the 3x3 - find 3 pieces of contextual information about a prospect in less than 3 minutes.

Know Your Buyers 

Here are some examples of how this can be done:

1)   Look at all of the members of the decision committee regularly on social media

2)   Download and read their annual reports and check for mentions on trade websites

3)   Set up advanced searches on LinkedIn, and monitor industry hashtags or hashtags that are
     related to your target company on Twitter

4)   Create Twitter lists with your buyers and segment them – listen and interact with them. I set up my
     Twitter lists according to funnel stage, including those that are qualified out but could come around
      with nurture.

Any social selling tips & tricks that you use Twitter for and weren't discussed here? Share them in the comments section below!

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