Spring 2015 User Group Tour Recap^* Part 3: Sourcing Media for Your Presentations

Spring 2015 User Group Tour Recap^* Part 3: Sourcing Media for Your Presentations
June 22, 2015

In the first two blog posts of this series we discussed PowerPoint training resources and how to create a lightwindow for Brainshark videos on your website. Another theme that emerged from the Spring User Groups was sourcing royalty-free images, music and video for presentations.

We did the research and held an online Power Hour/User Group meeting on this topic in May. Our guest speakers included a multimedia presentation designer and a marketing project manager, and they covered the following topics:

  • (Not) using Google Images

  • How-to choose images based on the script

  • Using a video search tool

  • Licensing concerns

  • Quality

  • Aspect ratios

  • How much time it takes to source media

If you are interested in any of these topics, you can always hear a replay of this Power Hour.

New Music for your Presentations

During the Power Hour, we announced the availability of 5 new songs that Brainshark has licensed on behalf of customers. These songs, as well as the ones already available in the Background Audio section of the My Media Library, can be listened to and downloaded in different lengths by registering here.

Video Uploads

At the User Group meetings we also heard questions related to uploading Captivate screen capture files. There are various versions of Captivate and to learn more read this just released process document.



There are many vendors for images, video and music, from one-stop-shops that offer all media types to those that specialize in one particular type. Stocksy and Royalty Free Music Library offer discounts for Brainshark customers.

Please be aware that each have different licensing models which range from individual purchases to annual licenses for unlimited media. Before going this route, you may want to ask around your company and see who may already have a license you can access.

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