Increase Sales Productivity: Invest^* Organize^* Measure

Increase Sales Productivity: Invest^* Organize^* Measure
March 5, 2015

It’s official: sales productivity is suffering. According to a recent infographic from Docurated, The State of Sales Productivity 2015, reps only spend one-third of their time actually selling. Increase Sales Productivity

The infographic goes on to cite a number of reasons that could account for this lack of productivity. But three groups of data points in particular jumped out at me; and each seems to have a natural corresponding action item that could help increase sales productivity across organizations.

Here are three simple steps to increase sales productivity:

1. Invest

Companies want to improve content search and utilization in order to increase sales productivity (84%, in fact, according to the infographic)—but only 35% are actually doing anything about it. Perhaps the issue is a lack of a comprehensive solution (or at least awareness of one). Nonetheless, one step is to invest in a sales productivity solution that makes it easier for salespeople to A) find and B) effectively use the content they need in order to sell better.

There are no justifiable complaints about an issue if you are not willing to address it head on, and sometimes this means allocating budgets accordingly. Ready to shop around? Move on to number two before making any decisions.

2. Organize

57% of those surveyed say high-quality content is a top driver of closed deals, yet 31% of a rep’s time is spent searching for or creating that content. What good is stellar content if it’s not organized in such a way that reps can find (or be given) the right content right when they need it?

Once a company decides to invest in a solution to increase sales productivity, it should consider the organizational functionality of said solution. Will it help consolidate our content that is spread across six repositories (Seriously? 6?) and house it under one roof for reps to access easily? And once it’s all in a common location, can we organize and deliver it in a way that makes sense for the buying cycle (so reps don’t have to guess as to which content is the best content)? If so, read on to number three.

3. Measure

While organizations spend $24,000 per person to increase productivity, 49% don’t even have a way of measuring whether or not their investment is actually working. Content analytics are invaluable, not only in being able to see what resources are engaging prospects most effectively, but in measuring reps’ activity and coaching them based on what works.

If you can’t track how sales content is being used and how it’s performing, you’ll have a difficult time determining if your sales productivity investment is really paying off. You’ll also likely miss opportunities to identify the content and sales approaches that are working best, as well as the areas begging for improvement.

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