Are You Arming Sales Reps with the Right Content at the Right Time?

Are You Arming Sales Reps with the Right Content at the Right Time?
May 11, 2015

The term “content in context” has become a popular one in sales enablement – but WHY is it so important for sales? Our exclusive whitepaper, What Is Content in Context? (And Why It Matters for Sales), answers that very question.

Intelligent, contextual content is valuable for B2B sales reps for a few reasons, including:

#1. Increased Productivity

Studies have shown that reps waste 40% of their time just looking for the right content to share with prospects and customers. There are so many places where content can live, and there can be a productivity loss tied to finding and tailoring the right sales resource. Having content that is truly in context with the sales process immediately reduces the time wasted looking for the right resources, and increases the productivity of reps.

#2. Increased Sense of Security

Content in context also offers a certain level of security for salespeople; not in terms of the locking down of sensitive information (though this can still be a component of it), but security in the sense of comfort and confidence. When content is provided in context with the stage of the sales cycle that a rep is working in, they feel confident that they are sharing the best content – that what they are prescribed is the appropriate asset for the person they are talking to, given their persona, industry, and how the relationship has been nurtured up until that particular point in time.

Convinced that content in context will add value to your sales process? Download the full whitepaper to learn how the right sales enablement technology can make it easier for reps to find the right content for every selling situation.