How to Create a PowerPoint Design Template for Brainshark

How to Create a PowerPoint Design Template for Brainshark
May 28, 2015

One of the things we hear from Brainshark authors who take our workshops is this:

“We have a standard PowerPoint template that I have to use, so I’m not sure how I can design more effective Brainsharks when I have to adhere to this deck.”   

The decks are typically bullet-driven with too many background graphics taking up the slide space. They’re built for live presentations, not on-demand video communications, but because people learn that Brainshark is built from PowerPoint, they think they need to use the company’s standard deck.

The common misconception is that they’re stuck with that deck. Rarely is this an issue of design, but an issue of control over the design.   

When you empower the person in charge of the corporate deck with information about what you, a Brainshark author, need in a version built for on-demand video communications, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find yourself with a new deck you can use just for this purpose.

How do I know?  Because in virtually every Design like an Artist workshop I’ve taught, participants have either walked out of the session with a new design template (because the person in charge of it was in the room), or they left ready to let their designer know what they needed. In one case, a participant actually pulled their designer into the room while we were taking a lunch break.  He said that he’d never built a PowerPoint deck for video before.  Once he understood how simple it was to create, he left committed to providing one for the group.  He was more than happy to create the new deck for them, once he knew what was required.   

This 2-minute presentation will walk your designer through what we recommend in your PowerPoint deck for Brainshark.