5 Tips from the InsideSales Sales Acceleration Summit

5 Tips from the InsideSales Sales Acceleration Summit
May 13, 2015

Last week, InsideSales hosted a virtual event—the Sales Acceleration Summit—where over eighty of the top sales and marketing influencers shared their methods to increase revenue. There were too many great sessions to choose from, so I couldn’t catch them all (still enjoying watching them on-demand!).

InsideSales Sales Acceleration Summit

Here are the top five tips I gleaned from the event.  

#1. Leverage LinkedIn for social selling

Dominic Archibald of LinkedIn led How We Sell with LinkedIn at LinkedIn and revealed some telling stats:

  • 75% of B2B buyers use social to research vendors

  • 90% of decision makers don’t answer to cold outreach

  • Social sellers who leverage LinkedIn are 51% more likely to exceed quota

  • Social sellers who leverage LinkedIn are promoted to VP 17 months faster

The take-home? NOT selling with LinkedIn is a missed opportunity. It increases your reach, boosts the odds of buyer responsiveness, and is linked to long-term career growth.

#2. Leverage peer-to-peer training to onboard faster

Elay Cohen, Author, Founder & CEO of SalesHood, led Get Sales Teams Up to Speed Faster and touted the benefits of peer-to-peer interactions for increased ROI, engagement, accountability and transparency.

Specifically, he advises documenting the “firsts” – first call, first email, first demo, first elevator pitch, first quote, and first proposal. If you do this for the best of the best reps, and make the examples available to all sales reps, it will not only teach, but motivate them to take their skills to the next level.

#3. Think of sales reps as a revenue stream

Ray Makela, Managing Director of Sales Readiness Group, led Accelerate the Ramp-Up Time of New Sales Reps, and tactfully established the business case for accelerating the ramp up of new hires. He noted that “adding sales reps is really adding to your production capability within your sales team” and challenged listeners to think of each sales rep as a revenue stream.

How much are they going to be contributing and how soon are they going to get up to speed and at quota? He also advised that new hires be trained with the following four questions in mind:

  • What do you want the sales rep to know?

  • Where is that information located?

  • How does the rep perform the processes to do their job?

  • Who should the rep contact to get things done?

#4. Use predictive analytics to win more deals

Jared Haleck, Senior Product Manager at InsideSales, led The Next Disruption in Sales…Don’t Get Left Behind, and focused on the wealth of data at our fingertips. With so much data, it’s hard to know what to capture, how to process it, and where to apply it. That’s where predictive analytics comes in. Haleck noted, “People are pattern-based in their decision-making process. By observing and identifying these patterns, we can predict future behavior.”

This is extremely valuable in the sales process as you can not only predict the people who are most likely to purchase from you and when they are most like to engage in a conversation with a sales rep, but which reps will be most productive in your sales organization. As a sales leader, predictive analytics can inform and instruct in such a way that you can optimize and accelerate sales.

#5. Be Disruptive

Jeff Gitomer, author of 12 best-selling books including The Little Red Book of Selling, led The New Sale and claimed that he was “disruptive before disruptiveness became vogue.” Aside from encouraging sales reps to take advantage of the FREE touch points that social media provides by sharing out something that customers will care about– something “profound, noteworthy, thought-provoking, helpful,” he gave a monologue on the essence of what he calls “The New Sale” (also the title of his upcoming book!).

“It’s no longer selling. It’s all about the customer buying… It’s no longer a sales pitch. It’s helping the customer win… It’s no longer about closing the sale, it’s about EARNING the sale… It’s no longer about follow-up. Ready for this—it’s about follow THROUGH. It’s no longer being a great [salesperson]. It’s about becoming a trusted advisor. It’s no longer about cold-calling, it’s all about relationships and referrals. It’s no longer you calling the customer, baby. It’s all about the customer calling YOU. THAT’S value attraction…. It’s no longer price. It’s perceived value… It’s no longer word of mouth. It’s all about word of mouse.”

His list is exhaustive—maybe you can check out the rest by registering and viewing it on-demand.

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