Accelerate! Brainshark CEO Talks Sales Strategy with Andy Paul [Podcast]

November 05, 2015 | Ann Lambert
Accelerate! Brainshark CEO Talks Sales Strategy with Andy Paul [Podcast]

Yesterday, Andy Paul, sales acceleration expert and author of Zero Time Selling, released an exclusive interview with Brainshark CEO Joe Gustafson as a part of Accelerate!, his growth strategy podcast series. Beyond sharing his path to Brainshark and answering some rapid fire sales questions, Joe chatted with Andy about a number of sales productivity topics, including:

  • Four crucial factors that lead to effective sales conversations

  • Solutions for increased prospect and customer engagement

  • How sales enablement tools provide valuable insights into the sales process and help bridge the sales productivity gap

You can listen to the full podcast episode below.

For more of Andy’s podcast interviews with influential sales leaders, visit the Accelerate! page.

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