What’s the Problem with Sales Onboarding? [Video]

What’s the Problem with Sales Onboarding? [Video]
October 13, 2015

“It’s broken. It’s dramatically broken.” These were the words of Trish Bertuzzi, President and Chief Strategist at The Bridge Group, Inc., when she was asked about the state of sales onboarding during a Sales Readiness panel during the week of Dreamforce ‘15.

Confident and unwavering, she stated exactly what the problem is with sales onboarding: “Because what we do is we bring these people into our organizations and we start talking about US. Our product, our solution, our market. And what we should really be talking about is THEM.” She goes on to identify all of the important things that get overlooked when preparing sales reps, simply because companies are “in a rush to revenue.”

Sharon Little of SiriusDecisions also chimed in, taking issue with the lack of formal measures in place to guide sales onboarding programs. She says, “There is an element that’s foundational to getting onboarding right that I almost never see in place with the companies that I speak to. And that is defining the competencies for an effective salesperson, in that particular role, for their first year. Virtually no one does this. If you don’t have the competencies defined, how do you build the training to support those competencies?”

For a recap of Trish and Sharon’s complete answers to the question, “What’s the problem with sales onboarding?” watch the short video below.

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