3 Ways to Prepare Reps for Successful Sales Conversations [eBook Excerpt]

3 Ways to Prepare Reps for Successful Sales Conversations [eBook Excerpt]
September 28, 2015

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: sales reps are busy. Like really busy. They’re constantly on-the-go, juggling the demands of multiple leads, accounts, and opportunities; so sales enablement efforts that cater to that lifestyle will benefit both the rep and the organization as a whole.  

Supporting that notion, Sales Enablement Principal Wendy Goeckel writes, “[Reps’] job—reaching the right people and having the right conversations—is hard enough. Make everything else as easy as possible, and you’ll get the desired results.” After all, that’s the first rule of sales enablement: Make it easy.

This excerpt from our exclusive eBook, 22 Tips for Better Sales Readiness, highlights three ways that sales organizations can make the sales process easier for reps—so they can ultimately deliver the kind of value that executive buyers expect from sales conversations. 

#1 Fuel the Conversation

In order to deliver more value-added conversations with buyers, organizations should provide guidance to reps on how to ask a question, listen to the answer, and use the answer to move the conversation forward (rather than as a signal for permission to move on to the next question).

For example, instead of discovery call question lists, try providing guidelines to help reps drive the conversation and capture the customer point of view. Role-play sessions and sales leader coaching will help reps use these recommended talking points effectively. You need more than great documentation—reps need to be able to translate documented questions and points into real conversations with prospects as they uncover their challenges.

#2 Provide Easy Content Access

Sales reps are notorious just-in-time learners who tend to only look for information only when the need arises. For example, Brainshark’s State of the Sales Rep survey found that 40% of salespeople prepare for meetings no more than a day in advance.

The problem is, there are so many places where content can live – network drives, LMSs, SharePoint, etc. – and the time it takes to find the right resources is wasted effort that cuts into their productivity.

Cater to the way reps work by ensuring that the content and resources they need are easily accessed and logically organized—don’t make them go searching for them. Reps should be able to find exactly what they need, right when they need it– no matter where they are. As mentioned previously, it should also be accessible from any device.

#3 Put Content in Context

When it comes, to content, access alone isn’t enough. Studies have shown that reps waste 40% of their time just looking for the right content to prepare for meetings and share with buyers. 

That’s why it’s important to make it easy for reps to not only access your content, but the find BEST content for every selling situation. The concept of “content in context” means having the right resources not only available, but prescribed and served up, in the exact situation at the exact time that they should be utilized. 

Try mapping specific content assets by persona, industry, stage of the sales cycle and more, so reps can quickly find the best resources for any scenario, and not waste time looking around or guessing what to use.

For more tips on preparing reps to sell efficiently, effectively, and productively, download the full eBook today.