Best-in-Class Companies Put Content in Context

Best-in-Class Companies Put Content in Context
September 10, 2015

Remember when we defined content in context, and explained why it matters for sales?

No? Well here’s a refresher:

content in context

In the eBook, What is Content in Context? (And Why it Matters for Sales) we look at how putting content in context within the CRM can help eliminate the time reps waste searching for or creating content. You’d think that would be enough of a catalyst to get organizations to think more seriously about integrating content with the CRM, but a recent study by Peter Ostrow, VP and Principal Analyst at Aberdeen Group, indicates that companies aren’t taking the hint.

For example, 67% of survey respondents report an increased CRM investment in the next year—which is great—but what about content management within the CRM? Sales enablement technology has the power to make the CRM and even more valuable and useful tool by providing that content in context piece; yet only 23% say that their CRM investment includes the integration of a content management component. Maybe they didn’t get the memo about the massive sales productivity loss associated with content disorganization.

Perhaps Ostrow’s findings on what “Best-in-Class” companies are doing with the CRM will resonate. Consider these themes:

  • Best-in-Class enterprises keep their CRM platforms “well-stocked, frequently updated content libraries full of the assets that they need to effectively seal their deals.”

  • Best-in-Class salespeople understand the importance of customizing buyer-facing content so that it “speaks directly to the needs of their prospect, rather than promoting the features or benefits of their own product.”

  • Best-in-Class companies are 55% more likely to have a “strong or outstanding content library that was integrated with their CRM.”

  • “CRM Expanders”—or those companies who are focusing on CRM/content library initiatives—are less than half as likely as others to force their sellers into time-consuming searches for sales workflow assets that should be readily available and configurable in the first place.

Sounds like “Best-in-Class” companies understand the value of putting content in context.

To learn more about how Best-in-Class companies enable their sellers with smart sales enablement integrations, download the full research report: From Lead to Close: Best-in-Class Sales Acceleration Techniques that Win.

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