Common Challenges of Sales Coaching [Infographic]

August 18, 2016 | Molly Buccini
Common Challenges of Sales Coaching [Infographic]

Sales organizations today know the value of coaching – 74% of leading companies say coaching is the most important role front-line sales managers play. But just because companies acknowledge its value – doesn’t mean it’s actually being done.

In fact, Forrester’s Mary Shea said in a recent video that most companies aren’t doing coaching at all.

“Part of that is because they’re not enabling their managers to do so, their managers don’t have time, or they don’t know how to do it,” she explained.

In order to integrate coaching into sales managers’ daily tasks, companies first need to determine the challenges that hold them back from achieving coaching success in the first place.

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Questions that can help determine your challenges include:

  • Does my company have a culture that supports coaching?
  • Have our sales managers been properly trained to provide value when coaching sales reps?
  • Do our sales managers have the proper amount of time and resources allotted to place emphasis on coaching?

Check out the infographic below from our partners at CloudCoaching International as a guide to determine your challenges – with suggestions for solutions.


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